The Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it.
~ Genesis 2:15
You may have noticed new blue plastic receptacles of various sizes around the church -especially in the Kitchen and Fellowship Hall. These are blue recycling containers, most with the recycle logo on them.
As good stewards of God’s earth, our church is trying to recycle as much as possible and keep recycle materials out of the landfill.
We are recycling the same way you are doing at home. In case you have forgotten or are not clear on what items you can put in the recycle bins, there are stickers on all the large containers, stickers on doors and walls, and stickers on cabinets and freezer. There are also folding brochures available in the Kitchen. The stickers and brochures explain what can and cannot be put in a recycling container.
Here’s a summary of what should and should not be recycled.
The following items SHOULD BE RECYCLED and therefore should be placed in the BLUE BINS:
• PAPER (bulletins, copy paper, envelopes, newspaper, etc.)
• CONTAINERS including plastic drinking/juice cups, plastic bottles, plastic and paper milk and juice cartons (no straws) and plastic bottle tops such as juice and soda that have been rinsed
• food and soda CANS (rinsed), clean aluminum FOIL, etc.
The following items SHOULD NOT BE RECYCLED and therefore should be placed in the regular TRASH BINS (NOT a blue recycle container):
• Paper towels and napkins
• plastic gloves
• water protected cartons such as those for frozen food, multi-packs of soda, etc.
• Metal other than cans and tops
• Wax paper, plastic utensils, straws, coffee cups
• Dirty paper plates, cardboard, and aluminum foil, etc.
A complete list of what is and is not recyclable can be found on the recycle containers and wall stickers. An accurate and exhaustive list is available on the RI Resource Recovery Corporation web site (Look for the A to Z search tool for a list for all possible recyclable options.)
With your help, we can take another step in making our church greener and do our part to become better stewards of God’s earth.
Thank you, Board of Missions

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