Green Team Meeting – Minutes 9/30/20

Participants: Don Hermes (Chair), Claudia Swain, Darlene Hermes, Tom Sherman, Katherine Condon, Earl Clark, Kathy Gibson, Fred Evenson, Jami Schafer

Agenda item Discussion Action Responsible
Call to order The meeting was called to order at 6:35pm. Zoom Don
Old Business/ Reviews Reports from boards and team members:      
1. RISE evaluation  Rise came to the church but it was determined that not  much would be saved by revising any electrical systems – most help would come from changing out of bulbs. Considering the cost it would take about 12 years to get payback.  Limited things could be done about insulation.

When asked about solar panels – they replied it is a possibility for the newer part of the building facing south but we would need to find a company to do that.

Some options discussed – Interfaith Power and Light, Sun Run,  Solar City, we could try to get a grant.

Earl will look into this and search out some companies for information.


2. Recycling at the church It had been discussed that we would try to get the youth group involved.

Claudia  asked Don to contact Olivia Evenson to see if she and Wally could work together to post information on the barrels about how to recycle.

Olivia is eager to help with this. Claudia





  Composting at the church There was concern about a receptacle in the kitchen to collect compost but that has been resolved.

Claudia added some worms to try to get the compost pile active again, but there is too much big yard waste in the compost pile – big branches need to be cut up and chipped before adding.

Earle will communicate with the landscape company about the waste going into the pile. Earl


3.  CARI, Climate Action RI


A.                CARI is continuing with Chase Bank action.  On the last Mondays of every month, a protest has been organized in Wakefield because of red lining and fossil fuel investments.

B.                Chase Bank is the number one fossil  fuel investor in the world.  Some progress has been made on investments but they need to work harder on red lining.

C.                CARI has printed up a half sheet of paper that explains why the protests are going on.  These can be distributed at the protests.  The Independent and Narragansett Times have come but there has been very limited coverage in the papers.   about the CARI protests

D.                CARI endorses political candidates who emphasize environmental issues.  They have a one page survey “act on climate” to select  the candidates who have shown the environment as a  priority.

E.                Susan Sosnowski hasn’t done that much and didn’t get the endorsement of CARI,  but now she may realize that it is important for her reelection.

Bill Seymour is  an independent writer for the SK Independent.  He has done stories for us in the past. Katherine will send his contact info to Don for a possible  article.  

All team




New Business      
1. ECONEWS – Discussion

Don will continue to put various links into the e-light so that we can encourage people to be aware of environmental issues.

2. Collaborative effort with Board of Education


Claudia contacted Meg Kolodziej  and Kateri Wheeler to work on ideas including the youth group in our efforts.

They suggested a series of  family friendly and covid friendly hikes outdoors. They would meet on location, with masks and distancing.

Claudia suggested taking 5 minutes at the beginning to observe the sacredness of the outdoors, emphasizing our need to  respect and protect our environment.

Kathy Gibson suggested including her congregation might be a good way to turn it into a community activity, ” inviting our congregation and friends”


Claudia will put together a calendar of possible dates for future events.

Don will lead a  geology focused hike on  Sunday October 25, at 1:00.

Peter and Claudia would take people on hikes focused on birds and plants.

Fred suggested consulting the Executive Board and getting the go ahead from the Covid task force.  He will send the information to Carol.





3. The Green New Deal – Discussion


The Green New Deal, explained – YouTube

Don shared the facts about the Green New Deal:

Modeled after FDR’s New Deal designed to stabilize the economy after the Great Depression/ Only a non-binding resolution, not a law.


1.      Achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emission

2.      Create good, high wage jobs to ensure prosperity and economic security

3.      Invest in the infrastructure and industry of US to sustainably meet the challenges of the 21st century.

4.      Secure clean water, air, climate & community resiliency, healthy food, access to nature, sustainable environment.

5.      Promote equity and justice

Other good presentations:

60 minutes with Sir David Attenborough

Trevor Noah interview with Jane Goodall

We will continue to follow up a good starting point for discussion and ideas for action. Don
4.  The Sunrise Movement – Discussion Our Principles – Sunrise Movement

This is a youth led organization advocating political action on climate change.  The Sunrise people came to Kathy Gibson’s church and showed a movie that was very helpful.

Could we invite someone from the group to do something with our youth?

Kathy Couchon is a science teacher in Narragansett and spoke at our Climate Workshop. She would be a good contact and is presently involved with students.

Katherine will send her contact info to Claudia to try and see if she would be involved in some way.





5.  Solar for the Church Community Solar: What is it? | EnergySage

If Solar at the church is not possible, there are options for a shared investment in community solar.  It is a good alternative. The energy companies also offer options through the Green Energy Alliance and you can pay it through your electric bill.

The group is in favor of pursuing this –

Earl will look into it.

Next Meeting Next meeting will be announced for November   All team
Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm.   All team

Minutes submitted by Katherine Condon






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