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stewStewardship:  Share The Gift

Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes when the crowd grew hungry. Through our congregation, we are the heart, spirit and hands of God’s outreaching love. Life grows here through the joy of generosity.

At Peace Dale Church we recognize Stewardship to be everything we do after we say “I believe.”  It is the steadfast way in which we live our faith offering the time, talent and treasure God has given each of us.  This includes the faithful use of our financial resources.

When you’re ready to begin a lifestyle of giving at Peace Dale Church, there are many ways to give:

– During the time for offering at Sunday worship services.

– Online through our secure giving portal  (Vanco) where you can set up one-time or recurring donations via credit card, PayPal, or your bank.

– Online using your PayPal account to make a one-time donation. Be sure to enter a Note specifying what the donation is for.

– From your mobile phone’s PayPal application. Specify as the place to donate. Again be sure to add a Note specifying what the donation is for.

– Through your financial institution’s online bill pay system.

– By transfer of stock and other securities, or for those over 70.5 years of age — through Charitable IRA Rollover distributions. (See Church Office for details.)

– By mailing a check to Peace Dale Congregational Church at 261 Columbia St., Peace Dale, RI 02883-2491

– Through estate plans, Birthday Club gifts and the Rose Window Society (see below.)

Annual Giving Commitment

Each year we ask members and friends to complete an Annual Giving Commitment Card as an expression of your spiritual and financial support.  Annual Giving supports the operating expenses of the church – our on-going ministries and missions in the local community and the world.  An annual commitment serves several purposes.

  • This is a time for individuals and families to spend time in prayer, reflecting on God’s blessings, and recommitting to loving God with your head, heart, and hands.
  • On a practical level, this is a good time to review your financial budget and make sure it reflects your priorities.
  • Presenting our commitments to God is an act of worship we share as a community, as we ask God to bless and use our gifts.
  • For the church, annual giving commitments help us set ministry budgets for the coming year and make the most of the resources committed to God’s work through us.

The Birthday Club

Birthday Club contributions benefit the Peace Dale Congregational Church endowment fund. Church members and friends are encouraged to donate on or around the time of their birthday $1.00 for each year that the world has been blessed by their presence.  Birthday cards will be sent from the church to remind members of this opportunity to make this birthday gift to the endowment. Increasing the endowment will ensure PDCC continues its mission for future generations.

Donate at or send/bring your gift to church!

Look for names of Birthday Club members in the annual report and the E-light newsletter!

If you have any questions, please contact the church office at 401.789.7313.

Planned Giving, The Church’s Endowment, & The Rose Window Society

The purpose of the Rose Window Society is to support the future needs of our church’s ministry and mission by encouraging our members to remember Peace Dale Church in their planned giving.

Peace Dale Church’s growth and vitality has been tied to its foresight and preparation for future demands. Our physical plant is an essential tool to support our ministries. However, physical plants age and will require funds for ongoing maintenance and major repairs.  A significant role for the Rose Window Society is to encourage gifts to the Church Endowment that will be available to meet these needs in the future so as not to cripple ongoing programs and ministry.

By including the Church in your will or estate plans, or by giving a special gift in your lifetime to the Church’s Endowment Fund, you will join a group of people seeking to provide a tangible legacy to the next generations so that the work of this extraordinary faith community may continue unhampered.

Endowed versus non-endowed funds:

  • Endowed Funds are gifts or bequests that require the principal be maintained intact and invested to create an income source for a specific purpose or set of purposes. The principal remains intact in perpetuity, for a defined period of time, or until sufficient assets have been accumulated to achieve a designated purpose.
  • Unendowed Funds are gifts or bequests that are made for a stated purpose(s) and may be spent at any time after the Church receives them.

NOTE: You may direct your estate gift, insurance gift, or IRA gift to the Church’s Endowment, or for immediate use to any program of the Church or for general purposes. Remember that legacy gifts may be of any size.

Rose Window Portrait Giving Options for Rose Window Society Membership:

  • Make an outright financial commitment of $5,000, payable over five years, to the Church Endowment in addition to the Annual Giving Commitment.
  • Name Peace Dale Church as a beneficiary of Retirement Plan Assets (Any amount; endowed or non-endowed purpose.)
  • Charitable IRA Rollover Distribution for those over 70 1 /2 (Any amount; endowed or non-endowed purpose.)
  • Establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity, Charitable Remainder or Lead Trust, or by giving to the United Church of Christ Pooled Income Fund benefiting Peace Dale Church as managed through the United Church of Christ Office of Planned Giving (Minimums for each fund apply. Contact the Pastor or Chair of the Stewardship Committee for more details)
  • Naming Peace Dale Church as a beneficiary of Life Insurance. (Any amount; endowed or non-endowed purpose. NOTE: The church is not able to assume annual premium payments.)
  • Documenting a percentage or fixed dollar amount through a Last Will and Testament or Living/Revocable Trust. (Any amount; endowed or non-endowed purpose.)

The History of Peace Dale Church’s Rose Window 

In 1870, Rowland Gibson Hazard drew up plans for a stone church down to the minutest detail and built Peace Dale Congregational Church in the style of his many other Peace Dale structures.  Mr. Hazard always had great interest in architecture and made careful study of the laws of construction.  His design for the church was that all windows were to be arched.

He designed an intricate ROSE WINDOW to be placed in the western wall.  The lofty steeple and this window above the entrance were to be the focus of the western front of the church.  Although it presented quite a construction problem for all involved, it turned out magnificently.  Sunlight enters the sanctuary through this colored glass above the balcony.

The basic colors used were taken from the rhododendron plant.  The circular window, with neither beginning nor end, is symbolic of the eternal existence of God.

In 1946, Rev. Vernon Lawson suggested that the Rose Window be lighted for a portion of each night as a way to promoted greater awareness of the church  to the community.  It is a lasting symbol of how our church reaches out to our community to share the good news of our ministry and mission.