Church and Family Life Committee are planning another Dine with Nine evening event.
For those not familiar with Dine with Nine, it is a dinner party which consists of approximately 7, 8, or 9 people, singles and couples alike. All you have to do is sign up on our sign- up sheet found in Fellowship Hall. A week or so before the date of the event you will be called by a host/hostess and told where you will be going, what time dinner will be and what you should bring.
The host/hostess will provide the main course and everyone else attending will contribute to the rest of the meal (this might also include a bottle of wine or beverage of choice).
These” Dine with Nines” are great fellowship and we encourage everyone to sign up and join the fun. If you have hosted before, please consider signing up to host again and please note how many you can accommodate at your table.
If you are new to the event, please sign up to attend and next time you may just want to host one yourself.

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