Select the link below to download a PDF form you can fill in and mail to the Church Office ( )

After filling in the form you must sign it in order to save or email it. The following describes how this looks in Adobe Reader. It may look different in other PDF programs or on mobile devices.

  1. Click “Sign” in the Tool Bar. This will open an area titled “I Need to Sign”.
  2. Click “Place Signature”. If you haven’t yet created a signature this will open a Pop Up allowing you to create one. After creating select “Accept”.
  3. After clicking “Place Signature” a copy of your signature will appear as your cursor. Move it to the place or places to sign and click there.
  4. Now you can select “Done Signing” and choose where to save the completed form. Do not use Adobe EchoSign to send the document. It requires an Adobe account and we do not make use of it.
  5. You can now create an email to the Church Office and attach the saved form to it. For convenience you can do this on one step by choosing File => Attach to Email from the Adobe Reader menu.


CE Registration Form