The Called to Care (C2C) ministry at Peace Dale exists to ensure that all church members who need some form of care are responded to in a meaningful, compassionate and timely manner. The program is overseen by Minister Cheryl von Ehrenkrook, and implemented by trained volunteers from the congregation. The caring volunteers believe that faith and love are expressed by connecting with those in need. Called to Care volunteers lovingly connect with those identified as in need, be they elderly, homebound, lonely, or suffering for any reason. C2C Volunteers also help identify to the Ministers those who may require further care or spiritual assistance. They report their monthly contacts to the program coordinator to foster follow-up care and continuity.
C2C Volunteers participate in training in active listening and other skills and commit to making a specific number of contacts per month. They also participate in support meetings and follow-up training.
If you are interested in more information about serving as a C2C volunteer or wish to sign up to attend the next session, please contact Cheryl von Ehrenkrook at or 401-500-1176.