Green Team Meeting – Minutes 7/23/20

Participants: Don Hermes (Chair), Claudia Swain, Darlene Hermes, Tom Sherman, Wally Young, Katherine Condon, Earl Clark, Kathy Gibson

Agenda item Discussion Action Responsible
Call to order The meeting was called to order at 6:35pm. Zoom Don
Mission Statement “OUR MISSION IS TO PROMOTE CONSERVATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL PRACTICES IN OUR CHURCH, OUR HOMES, AND OUR COMMUNITIES.” Don reviewed the mission statement – emphasizing that we hope to have an impact beyond the church Don
Co-Chair Claudia Swain offered to co chair the Green Team with Don

Katherine offered to record the minutes of the meetings

They will also put a notice in the elight reflecting our progress as we meet. Don and Claudia


Reports from boards and team members on inventory list

1. RISE evaluation

 Earl talked to RISE and they will come to the church to do an evaluation.


Lee Jeans, Wally Young, and possible Joe Fink will meet them to assist. Earl
2. Recycling at the church Claudia spoke to Hospitality to see what’s happening in the kitchen.  They didn’t want to use real cups and prefer paper because of difficulty cleaning up – discussion of alternatives, such as bring your own mug, new water heater makes dishwasher more efficient, assign someone to run the dishwasher  etc.


Kathy Gibson suggested simplified posters to teach people about what to put in recycling.


Her Church will take stryofoam directly to the recycling center if dropped off at St. Augustine’s

They have discontinued  buying styrofoam

They will work to better label bins as to what is recyclable.

Continue discussion about using real cups.


See if youth group could do a demonstration to teach about recycling.

Kathy will give more into on drop off at church.











Kathy Gibson

3. Composting at the church Karen Richer is looking into composting. Katherine suggested outside collection of food waste – Rhodeside Revival.

Wally reminded us there is a compost pile behind the shed at the church.  A receptacal is needed in the kitchen to collect food waste.

Further discussion about containers, best practices for composting, etc. Karen
4. Recycling Education

    Johnston Land Fill



Trip to Landfill had to be cancelled but virtual field trips are available – Don suggested wider viewing by congregation

A.      Video, sorting and processing recyclables,

A.                          B       Video,building a safe landfill,

B.                          C       Video, composting at the landfill,

C.                D       Video, hazardous waste dispoal,


Information will be included in the elight – send article to Ashley.


Contact Joanne for Website update






Gain familiarity with Claudia, Don & Kathy Gibson attended CARI webinar:

Climate Action Rhode Island


Mission statement is to change the way our society uses energy etc.

*action against investments in supporters of fossil fuel

*looking at candidates that are most commited to climate change

*also looking at banks that invest in fossil fuel – Chase leads the banks in investments , then Wells Fargo

*Also some banks are redlining – racist practice ( banks don’t make investments in poor areas)


Taking the next steps at action against the financial support of fossil fuels

Darlene explained that businesses often use the term sustainability when referring to climate change – less political


Several people  may wish to attend a non-violent informational picketing on August 3rd  11:00-1:00.  (social distancing will be observed)



PBS program RACE explains what Red Lining is – has been happening since after WWII



Don will send out a ranked list of banks – Washington Trust ranks as  a good bank.

All team














Continue to build a list of environmental websites and resources and make information available to congregation and public Circulate, read and discuss book Jim Antal CLIMATE CHURCH, CLIMATE WORLD. There is presently a long waitlist of people wanting to read the book and Claudia is trying to locate more copies.

Claudia will check on protocols about what goes out beyond the church elight and websight

Don has put Inventory list under Education/Green Team on Web and will write a summary to be published in the e-light message on how to find it. Don, Claudia
Potential future environmental speakers and programs Mentioned previously:

·        potential speaker – Kathy Couchon (teacher in Narragansett), David Floyd (community gardens), Chris Hubbard (sustainability), Don Hermes (science of Climate Change), ??

·        Breakfast event with speakers

·        URI Metcalf series, which discusses climate and the interrelationship with racism

·        Youth garden (church or at Broad Rock)

·        When church opens, review inventories

Discuss at next meeting Claudia & Earl
Next Meeting Next meeting will be announced for the fall   All team
Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm.   All team

Minutes submitted by Katherine Condon

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