What an experience! The group that went to Pittsburgh had a fantastic opportunity to learn how another church is successfully attracting younger folks to its services. The folks at Amplify were very welcoming. For two hours before service we toured their spaces, met with folks involved in key areas like Music, CE, Technology. We met with their volunteers, purchased coffee in their cafe and attended worship.
Velena and Linda worked with the volunteers to welcome folks to worship. Joanne and Jet spent before, during and after worship time with the technology team. Kateri, Earl, Carol and Nick spent all their time with the CE group reviewing curriculum, observing its implementation, studying the use of space and the engagement of the children. Alan and Greg were involved with the music, while Sylvia and Gary met with the pastor to discuss worship, small groups and stewardship.
After worship, we were hosted to a delicious luncheon with the entire staff and many volunteers. On a snowy Sunday afternoon, they spent several hours answering our questions and “telling their story”.
Although it was a terrible weekend for travel which created even more stories, it was an exhilarating event which opened our eyes to all the possibilities that lie before us at PDCC.
Those who attended are meeting on March 21 at 6:00 PM. After that we will have a more complete report! Thank you for this opportunity.
Written by Sylvia Blanda

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