Happy summer to all. I’ll start with a full confession that the search has been a much more time-consuming process than I think many of us on the team expected. We have received almost 40 applicants; many well-qualified. That’s meant that the team has painstakingly reviewed each profile, asked those that were moved forward to complete an additional questionnaire, searched the internet for sermons, blogs and anything else that might be of interest (Linda Redmond has proved to be our expert on this), voted several to a preliminary interview stage and conducted five interviews. We are hoping to move candidates forward to the finalist stage soon.
A reminder of our guiding criteria as identified by the congregation:
· Powerful and uplifting sermons
· A commitment to missions and social justice
· The ability to expand the depth and breathe of our CE programs
· A leader that will inspire our staff and congregation to be a “program” church
Finding a person that has these qualities has proved a challenging task, but we have full faith that we will be guided there soon.

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