Two endeavors are underway to revitalize our church school program.
The new format includes a worship service in the church school wing. Our Property Management team has stepped up and will clean out room 2C of the current furniture, create a mini stage, paint the room and hang a big screened smart TV. Exciting developments that are greatly appreciated! Let’s hear it for the PM team!!
The second part is the creation of a program of what will go on in the redesigned room. YOU can be part of that development. Yes, YOUNG PEOPLE, TOO. We do have ideas generated by youth, but now is the time to roll up our sleeves and make these ideas come alive. Do you like music, to sing or play an instrument? Or act in skits, do arts n’ crafts, or assist in these activities? We are having a program committee meeting this Friday, June 28th at 1 PM at the church. Come if you can or see/talk to Jane Stabile, Sarah Algie, or Kateri Wheeler with your suggestions. We can hardly wait to meet and create!

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