From the Strategic
Planning Committee
In light of the COVID crisis, the Strategic Planning Committee is asking new questions about our church and its
place in our community. After almost two years of reading and studying about the worldwide decline of religion, the
Strategic Planning Committee is seeing this time during and after the pandemic as one of great opportunity for PDCC to
reach people with the transformative gospel message of salvation and hope. Let’s come together reflect and plan.
Let’s create a vision.

The Strategic Planning Committee will be sending out an email message outlining the various ways your voices can be heard. Please
join us in this important visioning process.

Click on the link below for you to register how you would like to meet. Please register by September 1.

Your group leader will determine a meeting time that works for the group. Each group will meet once. Please allow 2 hours for this. The meetings will be completed by October 1 and will focus on who we are and who we want to be.

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