Documentary Discussions Week 4

Hello all!
Next week, July 1st, we are streaming and discussing the last two episodes of When They See
Us , a four-part docuseries on Netflix.
As always, you can watch ahead of time on your own or together tonight. If you missed the first
half I would recommend watching the whole thing before the discussion.
These two episodes are longer than the first two, so we will be starting the third episode at 4:50
and the fourth episode around 6:05. The discussion will be at 7:30pm.
Remember to sign up for the email list to get a link to the event!
Past and Future Events with Notes:
Chasing Coral
The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson/Happy Birthday,
When They See Us (Ep 1 and 2)
When They See US (Ep 3 and 4)
I’ll see you there!
-Jami Schafer
P.S. Reach out to me at or 605-351-3420 if you have any questions or
any suggestions for future documentaries we can watch and discuss!

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