At Peace Dale Congregational Church we support several global initiatives.

 One Great Hour of Sharing

Through One Great Hour of Sharing, United Church of Christ members reach out in the name of Christ to:

  • Build sustainable communitiesOGHS supports self-help programs in more than 80 nations to build sustainable communities that enable people and communities to stand against and rise above hunger, disease, illiteracy, and other forces of injustice that deny and destroy dignity.

  • Respond to disasterOGHS provides emergency and long-term assistance to people in the aftermath of hurricanes, tornados, storms, floods, tidal waves, fires, explosions, technological disasters, civil strife, war, or other natural or human-caused events. On average, OGHS responds to a disaster once every 2.5 days.

  • Minister to refugeesOGHS responds with advocacy and help, hope and hospitality for people who have been uprooted from their home of origin. More than 30 million of the world’s people are uprooted at any given time.

In cooperation with Global Ministries, Church World Service, Action by Churches Together, Interchurch Medical Assistance, Foods Resource Bank, Oiko Credit, Freedom from Hunger, and hundreds of local partners around the world, One Great Hour of Sharing is part of a remarkable network of service and caring that is efficient, effective, and faithful.  The One Great Hour of Sharing offering is administered through Wider Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ.  Administrative costs are typically less than eight percent annually.

The partnership that we share with nearly 6,000 United Church of Christ congregations across the United States and Puerto Rico is where this remarkable miracle connecting UCC members to the world truly begins. The UCC annually channels more than $3 million dollars through One Great Hour of Sharing to humanitarian needs in the world.

Global Ministries Child Sponsorship Program

Since the 1950’s the Global Ministries Child Sponsorship Program has been working to safeguard the future of children around the world.  This organization is committed to aiding children at risk by providing a practical way for individuals and churches to extend help to these children.  A commitment to sponsoring a child helps to provide housing, clothing, food, education and basic health care in ways that will not set the children apart from their siblings and other children.

Through our mission offerings to the Global Ministries Child Sponsorship Program, Peace Dale Congregational Church presently sponsors children from three countries, Israel, Zimbabwe, and India.  We also collecting toiletry packets, comprised of washcloths/toothbrush and paste/nail clippers/soap and combs to be distributed where needed.

Rhode Island Conference, UCC Haiti Task Force

The RICUCC Haiti Task Force was founded 26 years ago and has continued its mission with Haiti, providing education, quality health care, orphan relief, and community based services for the people of Haiti.  Churches can participate through student and school sponsorships, financial support for medical clinics, nutrition programs, and joint advocacy for positive change through adult mission trips to Haiti.

In November of 2016, a group of 9 adults from Peace Dale Congregational Church went to Haiti to join in the ongoing work of the RICUCC Haiti Task Force.  They also had the opportunity to meet children that the PDCC has sponsored through the UCC Haiti Task Force.  In the spring of 2019, another group went to Haiti and they brought over 150 dresses, sewn by women in our church.   They were distributed to girls in various schools throughout Haiti.

More recently Peace Dale Congregational Church has participated in the One Egg Haiti program to help bring nutritional food to children of the country. Our donations are used to purchase fresh eggs which are delivered to families, providing the protein children need to thrive.


Serrv is a nonprofit, fair trade organization dedicated to lifting disadvantaged artisans, farmers, and their families out of poverty in 25 countries around the world.   Serrv partners with 55 small-scale artisan/farmer organizations and cooperatives to provide unique, handcrafted product collections. They emphasize the word “partnership” in their work because that’s what their relationships are – a system of creative collaboration built on mutual respect and trust, creating high-quality and well-designed items using sustainable materials and production techniques.

Parishioners are encouraged by regular e-light articles to purchase Serrv items on line at