Confirmation is the reaffirming of vows of faith in God after Baptism. Our confirmation program is a wonderful journey. Together with Linda Redmond from the Board of Deacons and a dedicated group of adult mentors, our confirmands will explored their faith by meeting twice each month, performed community service for our church by helping to clean up the grove, and participate in worship as ushers and readers during the 11:00 service. We were excited to continue with a new curriculum this year – Confirm not Conform — that introduces students to the UCC and also integrates a strong mentoring component to our program. A new confirmation class is formed in the fall and runs through Pentecost when the confimands are confirmed.
This year’s confirmation program is not just a learning opportunity for the students, but also provides a way for the congregation to get to know the newest members of our church. I’m particularly grateful to our mentors for attending our class meetings, working 1:1 with students to create their faith statements, and being real role models as involved, active members of our congregation.
Each week, we will wrestle with difficult questions and issues facing students in their daily lives, and in the church. We read – and talk about – scripture each week. We ask students to think hard about what they believe, and what to do about it. At the beginning of our journey in the fall, students will write their own covenant to govern our class discussions. .
Our confirmation program encourages students to be free thinkers, and we spend quite a bit of time talking about the pioneering role of the UCC nationally, and PDCC locally, in advancing the cause of social justice by putting our faith into action. Students stretch their comfort zones by writing, and then presenting, our Good Friday service to the congregation. As the students creat their own faith statements and select their own scripture passages, they personalize their faith journeys. Each confirmand – like all of us – struggles with hard questions about what their faith means to them.