Click the registration form link below, download and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader, enter your information into the form, sign, and return to the Church Office (

After filling in the form, you must sign it in order to save or email it. The following describes how this looks in Adobe Reader. (It may look different in other PDF programs or on mobile devices.)

  1. Click “Sign” in the tool bar just above the form. If you haven’t yet created a signature you will be prompted to create one.
  2. A copy of your signature will appear as your cursor. Move it to the place(s) within the document you’d like to sign and click.
  3. In the “Fill and Sign” toolbar, click “Send A Copy”, and then click “Create Link”. A link is created. Click “Copy Link”, and share it with others in an email. Anyone with access to the link can view, but cannot make any changes to the file. You can also save the file onto your computer and email as an attachment.

Registration Form