Christian Education

Please see our E-Light Newsletter for updated information regarding Christian Education and Youth Services.

Safe Place Policy

We are firmly committed to give children and youth the chance to spiritually learn and grow in the safest and most secure environment we can provide. We want to ensure that children and youth can come to Christ at PDCC and be safe, honored, loved, and respected. As well we want parents to have full confidence in the adults that care for their children. Therefore, with God as our guide, the church commits to an organized and through process of volunteer/staff recruitment through the use of the following guidelines:

  1. Whenever possible, there shall be at least 2 leaders at all youth and children events, including Sunday school retreats and special events.
  2. It is strongly recommended that volunteers have a minimum of six months active participation in the church community.
  3. Teachers and youth advisors are asked to fill out a screening form.

Christian Education Registration

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