PDCC Board Members E-MAIL PHONE Board Represented  
Don Hermes 401-783-6314 Missions  
Tom Sherman (401) 261-1630 Missions
Jami Schafer (605) 351-3420 Missions, Pending end of Corona
Vivian Skipper 860-383-9972 Missions
Claudia Swain (401) 265-8226 Stewardship
Darlene Hermes (401) 749-9590 Church Family Life
Earl Clarke 401-363-5299 Property Management
Peter Swain (401) 641-4402 Deacons
Jim Mcmonigl 401-447-8757 Deacons
      Christian Ed.
PDCC Members at large      
Bill Silkes   pending end of Corona
Jackie Kanis 401-789-4193  
Kathryn Condon 508-259-6742  
Walter Young (401) 258-2114  


Non-PDCC Support People

Cindy Buxton 401-789-3744 Kingston Cong. Church, and IPL  
Chris Hubbard 401-601-0523 SK Sustainability Cmtee, and consulting Hydrologist
Katherine401- Gibson 401-364-6479 St. Augustine Episcopal Church, Kingston