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Groups Provide Opportunities for Service and Fellowship

Christian Education is an important part of both Adult and Youth Programs.

  • Sunday CE Program

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Youth Spring Calendar

Christian Education ​

Prayer Circle Meets Every Tuesday to read names of those needing prayers for:

  • Elderly

  • Those suffering from Illness

  • Cancer Patients and their Care-Givers

  • Those Requiring Spiritual Support

  • Also to Give Thanks for Joys in the World

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Prayer Shawl Minister Provides:​

  • Prayer Shawls

  • Prayer Scarfs

  • Blankets for Youth

Called-to-Care Group is organized through ​the Deacons of the Church to Provide by:

  • thinking-of-you card

  • phone call

  • email or text message of love

  • visit from a member or

  • visit from the pastor

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Womens' Fellowship

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Church Family Life

Activities and Programs are developed throughtout the year, such as Summer Festival, Dine with Nine.​

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