Dine with NineSharing a meal is one of the best ways to establish and renew relationships with members of the Peace Dale Congregational Church community. The main agenda for Dine with Nine groups is to enjoy some good food, deepen friendships and have lively conversation! Dine with Nine is made up of a group of couples, some singles, some older and some younger who get together for a dinner.  Each year the Church Family life committee plan three Dine with Nine dinners. Those who are interested sign up when it is posted.   If they are also interested in hosting there is a column on the sign-up sheet that you are willing to host at your home. There is also a column to check off if you will need a ride in order to attend. A coordinating team looks over the lists and divides everyone into a Dine with Nine groups with roughly the same number of persons, usually somewhere between 7 and 9 persons.  As much as possible, people who have already been in a Dine with Nine group are grouped with different persons so new friends can be made! Once formed, the host is given the list of people that will be coming to their home. The Host will decide what they want to serve for the main course.  They will then call the entire guest list and ask them if they would like to bring an appetizer, salad, bread, side dish, dessert, wine or beverage, etc.  They will also set the time to arrive along with directions to their home. If there is a guest that needs a ride they will coordinate with another member coming to pick them up. Sometimes there are two homes hosting or as many as four or five; it all depends on how many sign up. Occasionally, we will have all of the groups meet at one home the end of the evening and have dessert all together.