Prayer-Shaw_ModifiedlThe PDCC Prayer Shawl Ministry is a group of knitters and crocheters who create shawls and lap blankets for those who are going through a special time, whether it be an illness, lose of a loved one or birth of a baby. This Ministry is only 1 year old but has already provided over 60 shawls to those in need. The shawls are made in a prayerful manner and blessed by either Rev. Bizer or the PDCC Prayer Circle. The Prayer Shawl provides a sign of God’s comfort and love. Each one is given with a personal message, noting that the individual is held in prayer.

Our Middle School children have joined this ministry making polar fleece blankets to be given to children in need.

Anyone who can knit or crochet is invited to join this meaningful ministry. Patterns and yarn are available. One does not need to attend meetings to contribute a shawl.

This is why we do what we do. This was taken from Upper Room from October of last year.

“My life changed when a doctor told me that I needed a mechanical device to assist my failing heart.. The next day I was transported by ambulance to Mayo Clinic for an evaluation.

Before I left the local hospital the chaplain held a prayer shawl blessing. This was not my first prayer shawl I had received. I had been blessed with a quilt and three other shawls.  One of the quilts consisted of threads knotted as the person who made it prayed.

In Matthew 9:20-22, a woman who had been ill for years broke thru the crowd and touched Jesus’ cloak. After confronting the woman and praising her faith, Jesus healed her.

In a way, a prayer shawl is like the cloak of Christ.  As a recipient, I felt a connection through Christ with the individuals who had made it, prayed over it and given it to me.  Clutching one of the prayer shawls as I rode in the ambulance, I felt a quiet peace that assured me of God’s love and presence.

Wearing the shawls did not prevent me from having the heart pump implanted, but the shawls and quilt did calm some of my fears. I felt that I was covered and surrounded by God’s love.”   Charles van Rossum

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