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In your youth did you ever go out to “capture some rays”? We know we did.  That may not be such a healthy thing for an individual to do now days. But in this new environment it is a great thing if you are going to use solar power.  Peace Dale Congregational Church is going to “capture some rays”!

The congregation voted at the annual meeting in February to approve the project to install solar panels.  This is the result of extensive work by the Green Team headed by Don Hermes and Claudia Swain and the detailed financial assessment by Treasurer Darlene Hermes and President Carol Vetter. The installation will be conducted by SolPower lead by Eric Beecher. The cost (in round numbers) will be $113,000.  There is a significant probability we will receive a state grant of $35,000.  This project will result in the church saving $14,000 annually in electricity cost! Our congregation approved using the Endowment long term investment funds to provide initial funding to get the project going. This will need to be paid back. So you have a great opportunity to use your charitable contribution to help us all move from “talking the talk” to “walking the walk” and make a difference in having a sustainable earth.

Over the next two months we will all have a great opportunity to learn and embrace solar power.  We will kick this off with an Earth Day awareness event on Sunday, April 18, after church.  You will have a chance to be involved in educational and practical environmental projects. This will be followed on Sunday, May 4th with an all member Zoom meeting to fully discuss the solar project.  Later in the month you will have the opportunity to visit solar installations in the homes of church members who have installed solar panels – the Hermes’, Keenan’s, Blanda-Young’s, and Keith’s.  Finally, we will have a summer solstice event later in June to celebrate the efforts of the congregation.

We are blessed as a church to be able to consider and initiate this project.  We on the Capital Campaign Committee and Green Team are asking you to join us all in contributing.  Please get involved in what is offered over the next few months. Then prayerfully consider what amount you can contribute financially for PDCC to make a major environmental statement and save a significant amount on energy costs.

We look forward to taking this journey with you.

Carol Vetter    Don Hermes    Claudia Swain    Darlene Hermes  Jim Blackerby    Peter Swain    Eve Keenan    Patti Gross

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