Worship and Music

One word best describes our Worship service on Sunday at 10 am - Variety. One Sunday may emphasize traditional worship, another contemporary, another a special speaker and another combinations of these.

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Traditional Worship

Traditional Worship includes the grandeur of the great hymns of our faith, choral music and organ accompaniment. You will find the Spirited Traditional worship experience very much like many of the traditional worship services of other United Church of Christ congregations and other mainline protestant denominations around our state and country. A liturgy that focuses on gathering, invoking God’s presence, hearing the Word of God, and responding with our entire lives is the basis of the worship.

Contemporary Service

Contemporary worship is a multi sensory experience. It seeks to engage the eye as well as the ears. While the elements of worship – music, prayer, sermon, giving and sharing, etc. will still be present, there are different means of communicating the gospel.  Lyrics are projected on a screen to enable everyone to follow or sing along! During the service, we provide pictures, images and video clips which will allow us to highlight various aspects of the sermon as well as special service moments. Periodically, video clips of a group of youth and adults doing mission work can be viewed while we are sharing our offering.

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Blended Choir

Once a Month, the Traditional and Contemporary Choirs join together to provide a Blended Service with hymns and rhythmic music. Spiritual combinations are built on the message of the Biblical Lesson.  Music often includes an original piece written by our Music Director, Nathaniel Baker. 

Bell Choir

The large and accomplished bell choir plays once a month and on special holidays and "Music Sundays" and will sometimes accompany one of our other choirs.  The bell ensemble performs 3-4 octove music, ringing Schulmerich handbells and chimes.  They rehearse every Tuesday evening between 6:30-8:00.

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Family Sunday

Once a Month, a service is designed to include children participation.  It is specifically created to be child friendly with a shorter and less formal worship with short skits, simple prayers, and bible readings easily applicable to the youth.


The Sacrament of Communion is celebrate the first two weeks of every month.  Usually, communion is provided through Intinction but with Covid, it is currently done with using non-alcoholic individual cups. All are welcome to participate.