Contemporary worship is a multi sensory experience. It seeks to engage the eye as well as the ears. While the elements of worship – such as music, prayer, sermon, giving and sharing, etc. – will still be present, there are different means of communicating the gospel.

The Praise Choir leads the music under the direction of Nathaniel Baker. Along with the uplifting singing, a variety of instruments (electronic keyboard, guitars, bass and drums) are used each week to enhance the musical experience. The Service includes music from today’s top Contemporary Christian composers and performers as well as new interpretations of traditional hymns and songs.  Communion is served on the first Sunday of the month.

We project lyrics of the songs as they are being sung on a screen at the front of the sanctuary, thus enabling everyone to look up and forward while singing! Also, we have the capability to show pictures, images and video clips during the service. Such images and clips will allow us to highlight various aspects of the service. Sermons are illustrated during the preaching moment. Or, a video clip of a group of youth and adults doing mission work can be viewed while we are sharing our offering. The range of possibilities is far and wide. If this style seems like something you would like to try, or if you are just curious, we invite you to participate in the 9:00 a.m. service every Sunday!

If you have been fully vaccinated for Covid-19, you are welcome to attend and participate fully in (including singing) worship without a mask.  If you are not yet vaccinated, please wear a mask, maintain social distancing from others who are attending worship and refrain from singing.