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Breeze Setup Account

Breeze church directory is now available by signing up for a Breeze account.  By signing up for a Breeze account you will also have access to a record (which only you can see) of your giving and an on-line giving system to make giving even easier.

Breeze is free for you to use as a member or participant at PDCC. 

  • You need to be listed in the Breeze Directory in order to create an account based on your email address (the church office enters new members and participants into the directory).

  • You will need the Church subdomain ID (peacedalechurch) to sign in (if you have an account) or to create a new account.

  • Use the following link to setup or login into your account:

  • To add the app to your phone or tablet, choose “Breeze ChMS” in the app store.  It has an image that is a white b on a blue background. 

  • If you have trouble setting up a new account, contact the Church Office. 

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