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Prayer Shawl

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One of three groups that provides healing in our church family, the Prayer Shawl ministry provides:

  • Prayer Shawls

  • Prayer Scarfs

  • Blankets for Youth


The Prayer Shawl Ministry is an active, busy group of knitters, crocheters and sewers. A Prayer Shawl is a handmade item created with reverence and blessed before it is distributed. A Prayer Shawl’s purpose is to bring comfort and warmth, transforming a craft into a spiritual practice. It is meant to be a reminder of God’s all-encompassing love that envelops our being. Each item is delivered with an enclosed prayer and personal note. Our Prayer Shawls, fleece blankets and prayer squares have gone to young and old. They have been given to those who are ill or grieving. They have gone to those who are celebrating and rejoicing, such as with birth of a child. They have been mailed to church members as well as their families and friends. Each year this ministry continues to grow. In 2021, 216 item were given, including donations to Hope Health and Hospice, Domestic Violence Center, South Kingstown Police Department, and children in need in a Providence school. In celebration of Valentine’s Day this year, the Prayer Shawl Ministry made 200 items, including scarves, hats, headbands and fingerless gloves. These items were given to the PDCC Dinner Table guests and school children in Providence. This is a wonderful PDCC ministry.


If you would like a Prayer Shawl or would like to share your talents, please use the "Request a Shawl" button on this page or contact the church office: (401) 789-7313.

Image by Jessica Delp
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