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Mission of the Month

Each month, as part of our broader program of Missions, Peace Dale Congregational Church supports a local non-profit organization or program focused on addressing needs within the local community.

Save the Bay

April 2024


Save The Bay is a member-supported nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and improving Narragansett Bay and all the waters that flow into it. The Narragansett Bay watershed offers 400 miles of coastline and stretches 1,705 square miles inland, covering most of Rhode Island and much of Massachusetts. Its 3,500 miles of streams and rivers carry water into the Bay from over one hundred towns and cities with 1.95 million people. Our vision, since 1970, is a fully swimmable, fishable, healthy Narragansett Bay, accessible to all.

Since our founding in 1970, Save The Bay has become known for our fierce advocacy. We champion the right of all people to enjoy Narragansett Bay with peace of mind and stand against coastal activities, actions and developments that diminish public access to the Bay.

Besides advocacy, our programs include habitat restoration, education, as well as community outreach, support and engagement.

Visit our website at to learn more about our science driven programs and activities as well as sign up to help with them,


Peace Dale Congregational Church supports Save the Bay as our Mission of the Month. You may donate funds by:

  1. Placing your gift in the Missions basket during Sunday service,

  2. Sending a check to the church office @ 261 Columbia Street, Peace Dale, RI 02879 (checks should be made out to PDCC with “Save the Bay” in the memo line), or

  3. Clicking the Give now button on this page to donate online (

Thank you,
The Missions Board 

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