PDCC supports both local and global initiatives and missions.  It leads the way in both Green Energy and Social Justice Needs throughout the local and global Communities.

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Peace Dale Dinner Table delivers over 170 well-balanced meals twice a week to our local community residences. Peace Dale Congregational Church prepares and distributes meals on Wednesday and St. Vincent de Paul prepares and distributes meals on Friday evenings from PDCC Church.

The Mission of the Dinner Table is completely handled through volunteers from Peace Dale Church, St. Vincent de Paul, and Community Volunteers.  If you wish to volunteer, please contact the Peace Dale Church Office.

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Church Local Crisis Fund

During difficult times, many individuals, families, and small businesses in our area experience financial hardships.  With the support of some very generous donations, Peace Dale Congregational Church has established a Local Crisis Fund to offer assistance.  Anyone experiencing financial difficulty is encouraged to apply to the Church to be considered for a grant from this fund.  All information on applicants is totally confidential.  Applications may be obtained by contacting PDCC Senior Minister or using link below:

Pumpkins With a Purpose

Welcome House of South County has provided emergency and transitional housing to homeless individuals & families from our local area for almost 30 years.  They run a daily soup kitchen which is open to the public.  Every October PDCC sponsors a pumpkin sale at the church.  A tractor trailer load of pumpkins, grown on an Indian Reservation, are delivered to the church and sold throughout the month of October.  The church gets 35% of the money from the sales and 100% of any donations.  We have been able to collect and donate an average of $10,000 to Welcome House each year.

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United Church of Christ Ministries

Our mission extends globally through our work with the Rhode Island Conference United Church of Christ (RICUCC) and our gifts to UCC Global Ministries

Social Justice Works on Many issues that arise in our Community.  It is currently focusing on the major problem of housing in the South County, meeting with other churches and the town on upcoming efforts.

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