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Through “Sharing More Joy” Pastor Fred explores the light of joy and its expression through the lives of people associated with Peace Dale Congregational Church.

February 2024: "Joy of Service and Adoption" Part I

Pastor Fred shares a sermon about veterans and highlights the life of Jet Vertz.  He is a Korean American, adopted by an American GI, who was stationed in South Korea during the Korean War, from an orphanage where Jet found himself when he was separated from his family.  This is part 1 of a two part series.  (19:47)

December 2023: "Joy of Shaping Faith Among Children"

Pastor Fred talks with Meg Kolodziej, Director of Christian Formation, at Peace Dale Congregational Church about her joy working with children and youth at the church.  (24:55)

December 2023: "A Joyful Music Ministry"

Pastor Fred talks with Nathaniel Baker, Director of Music at Peace Dale Congregational Church, about how he shares joy through our Music Ministry.  (18:35)

November 2023: "A Call to the Ministry"

In this inaugural episode Pastor Fred talks with the Rev. Dr. Jean Simpson about her journey to become an ordained minister.  (20:58)

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