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If you:

  • Are looking for a faith community that gathers around the teachings of Jesus Christ and strives to live out those truths in the modern world;

  • Are seeking a church that retains a strong sense of tradition, yet is open to doing new things;

  • Are searching for ways to bring peace through justice by serving in the local community and wider world;

  • Know in your heart that God’s love knows no bounds, and one way of honoring that is to practice a hospitality where all are welcome–young, old, rich, poor, different colors and sexual orientations;

  • Have ever wondered, “How am I to live my life?” or if you have ever sensed that there is a higher power at the center of the universe–and would like to be around others wondering and sensing the same thing! 

This May be the Place for You!

Image by Kiwihug
Image by Olga Thelavart
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