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Solar Dedication Event

Stayin’ Alive! What a wonderful Solar Celebration on Sunday afternoon September 18, 2022! The flash mob was definitely a highlight of the afternoon. In addition to all the community members and our own church members, we had multiple state representatives here for the program.

During my time at the podium, I mentioned the little arrow that finally points left on our electric meter. Never before have I been so excited about a little arrow pointing left! If you look closely at the meter on the wall by the door to the kitchen, you will see in the lower left corner a little arrow – along with a “caterpillar” pointing and moving to the left. Even the Lieutenant Governor wanted to see the arrow that was pointing left on our church, so I gave her a brief tour of our facilities. She said she would like to come back for our pumpkin patch in October! But the left pointing arrow means that we are producing electricity and it is moving towards the church (towards a net usage), rather than us pulling electricity from the grid. The little arrow means we are getting our energy directly from the sun, turning on the sun as Bill McKibben put it in his video to us.

The solar panel installation was definitely a team effort so great job, PDCC! With your generosity and dedication, we have made a difference and hopefully we will inspire others to do the same.  It’s a shining example of faithful stewardship!


Pastor Fred

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