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Film & Discussion

The Green Team presents a free Film & Discussion at Peace Dale Congregational Church


Friday, January 12, 2024

5pm video showing

7pm panel discussion

Join us at 5 pm to watch in the church sanctuary. After a break for snacks, we will have a discussion of the video with participants exploring both pros and cons of nuclear power plants.

Special guests include;

  • Dr. Peter Nightingale (URI Physics),

  • Dr. Hamouda Ghonem (URI Mechanical Engineering).


The discussion will focus on questions and comments from the audience.

You may also watch the video on your own (on PRIME, VUDU and some other outlets).

Video Summary:

Nuclear Now is a 2022 documentary film, directed and co-written by Oliver Stone. The movie argues that nuclear energy is a solution needed to fight climate change because other renewable energies by themselves will not be sufficient in time for the planet to obtain carbon neutrality before climate change becomes irreversible.

Stone advocates modern nuclear power as a safe source of energy that can replace fossil fuels and thereby help to fight climate change. He predicts a doubling or quadrupling of demand for electricity worldwide in the coming 30 years. To ensure sufficient low-carbon electricity, Stone suggests a mass-production of nuclear power plants. The script writers accuse the anti-nuclear movement of erroneously equating nuclear power with nuclear weapons and creating a primal fear against this form of energy. The writers furthermore imply that the oil and gas industry has been funding these campaigns.

Image by Jessica Delp
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